If you’ve read through the rest of this site, you know that we at have a heart to serve people and help them realize their full potential.  We don’t just consider what we do a *mission,* we consider it a *calling.*

While our work is secular in nature, ultimately, we feel that our internal mission is to “further spread the gospel of Jesus by building wealth amongst His followers.”  Our vision is “a nation of Spirit-filled believers equipped to give and free to love.”

What does this mean?

Spirit-filled: in accordance with the Scriptures

Equipped to give: We believe one should only give what one has, so we focus on authentic giving, building wealth and using biblical wisdom to distribute our wealth for God's glory.

Free to love: When our house is in order, we are free of weights, obstacles, and bitterness that can prevent us from truly loving God's children.

For Those In Ministry

We believe that wealth building for the believer must first start with honest connection between you and God. You must, in prayer, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you regarding how much wealth is “enough,” and hear the voice of the Lord regarding what boundaries He places on you attaining that wealth.

There is a point called “Enough.” Yes. Seriously.  We believe that God’s people will have attained this point when they are financially able to fulfill their calling without being beholden to a “job.”  This is when your reduction in lifestyle and increased investments are equal so that you are free to move according to God’s will and be a blessing in the lives of others.

No matter how late you are starting, you CAN get there!!

We can assist you in your wealth building journey with an honest assessment of your income and expenses. Sound financial management doesn’t have to be boring! It’s exciting to be able to bless God’s people!

We like to think of a budget as a “spend plan,” emphasis on the SPEND! It’s fun to spend! It’s even MORE fun to spend when we actually HAVE the money to spend, and can spend it without guilt, stress, or headaches later!

We can guide you through strategies to get out of debt, live according to abundance principles, and to develop a wealth-building plan that is both effective and easy to understand. It's not just enough to build wealth!  We must maintain it. We will work with you to implement time-tested strategies for building and preserving the resources God has entrusted to your care.

These skills will also help you bounce back faster from any life-altering situation that may knock you, financially, to the ground.

When we are debt-free, we are free to give of our abundance.  While we acknowledge that any believer will face times when he or she is called to give a sacrifice (things like money, time, relationships), we also note that a greater portion of “giving” stories in the Bible were not sacrifices but acts of godly kindness by people who had some level of abundance.  The widow who fed Elijah was asked to make her last bit of meal and oil into a cake.  

However, many others were not called to such drastic measures.  For example: The Shunammite woman, who provided a room for Elisha when he passed through town, the many women who ministered to Jesus of their substance, and the new testament disciples who sold off excess lands to fund the prolonged revival at Pentecost. These all provided for the needs of the church, and were not called into poverty in order to do so.  

Indeed, the clearest example of wealth combined with compassion can be found in the story of the Good Samaritan.  Not only did he have the resources to take care of the beaten-up stranger, but he had a solid enough reputation that folks trusted when he promised to pay the strangers bills the next time he passed through town.

Wouldn’t YOU like to have excess lands to sell in support of Kingdom work?  Wouldn’t YOU like to have the resources to bless the men and women of God who are passing through town on missionary journeys?  Wouldn’t YOU like to have the kind of reputation that when you promise to cover an expense, people believe you and do what’s needed, knowing they’ll eventually get paid?

This is our prayer for you, and our investment strategy will empower you to achieve this level of both character and financial wealth.

As you build wealth, we hope that you will also begin building a legacy of effectiveness for God's kingdom.  You don't have to wait until you are wealthy to do great works!  The Holy Spirit can use anyone, at any time!!

One thing is clear in scripture:  God blesses us according to how we manage what we've already been given.  Your effectiveness for God is NOT determined by whether or not you can donate big money to your church's building fund.  It's determined by how well you used the talents, resources, skills, and advantages God has ALREADY placed in your hands. After all, some of us are not called to great financial wealth, and even among those who are, this may not be your season for affluence.  

Our site is about building wealth to equip God’s people to do Kingdom work, and that doesn’t always mean money in the bank. There’s more to living a prosperous life than just building up material wealth on earth.  It can mean that you are so effective for God that when the need arises, you have the connections, knowledge, and relationships to find someone else to meet that need.  A full and vibrant life is an abundant life, whether or not you have material wealth at hand.

Has He given you a talent?  Can you sing?  Can you teach?  Are you good with children?  Are you good with teens?  Are you skilled in business?  Are you organized and able to run a back office? Are you an effective communicator who can keep the flock informed?  What about social skills?  Are you warm and friendly and able to help visitors feel at home?  Are you great at the follow-up that brings visitors back?  Often the people that welcome them aren't always the ones who are good at follow-up.  Both are essential to growing the Kingdom!

If you’re not-so-warm-and-friendly, don't despair!  There are many essential callings in the House of God that are not always well served by a sweet, smiling face (for example security, or disbursement control).  The Bible says the House of God is, like the human body, fitly joined together (Eph 4:16), all of us working in unity and effectively to increase the church in love.  

And what about the spiritual realm?  Are you a prayer warrior?  Are you given to hospitality?  Are you compassionate and merciful?  Do you have a heart to give?  None of these things require money, yet they are ALL powerful tools of the Spirit to grow your church and realize God's will for its members.

Rather than focus on your challenges and weaknesses, we help you uncover the suitability God has imprinted on your heart.  When we turn these natural talents over to Him, then He can enact mighty works through our lives.

There are many ways to identify and fulfill your calling starting, of course, with study, prayer, and fasting.  We can assist you with personality and spiritual gifts inventories and also can help you identify the areas of your life you are most passionate about.  We get so caught up in our daily grind that we sometimes lose track of what gives us joy, and yet, these are often the areas where God has called us to do a mighty work for His Kingdom!

Fulfill your calling today, and you'll be amazed where He takes you tomorrow!



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Build and Maintain Wealth

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