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JJ Conway is known for her engaging talks about dumping debt, building wealth, and building a legacy! JJ is an excellent speaker for your next conference, women's function.  Several non-profit agencies have even engaged JJ to conduct a workshop or seminar as a fundraiser.

JJ got her start in public speaking as a military physicist, primarily talking to high-school and college/academia audiences about the role of minorities in STEM and the military.  While she primarily focuses on financial and real estate education, she can still be booked to discuss careers in STEM as well as being in the military.  Her most popular STEM-related talk, "Overcoming Obstacles to an Amazing STEM Career," focuses on the challenges of being poor, minority and female, and is an excellent addition to your youth mentoring program and can be delivered in 30 or 60 minute formats.

As a fee-only financial planner, JJ has delivered outstanding content on a variety of financial topics including scams, credit repair, budgeting, estate planning, generational wealth transfer, buying or selling a home, insurance, and business building.  Some of her more popular financial talks are "Building A Legacy," which outlines a financial strategy to help you share your passion with the world and impact not only your own family tree but even the community around you, and "Countdown to Cashflow: Replace Your income in Just 12 Months!" which can be shared as a 45, 60, ot 90 minute talk as well as a half-day or whole-day workshops.

Many of JJ's financial planning clients found themselves starting over (or, sometimes, starting for the first time) later in life.  They needed an investment strategy that can build wealth quickly, as they didn't have 40 years to simply invest in the market.  The solution to their problem?  Real estate investing!!  With real estate investing, it is possible to achieve financial independence in 7-10 years, and JJ has several talks and courses designed to take the fear out of real estate invest.  Her most popular talks in this category include Real Estate Investing 101, which can be presented in 60 or 90 minute formats as well as an half-day or all-day workshop, and Wholesaling 101 which is offered in 20 or 60 minute formats as well as a half-day workshop. 

JJ's speaking engagements aren't ALL business! In fact, one of her favorites, Fix Your Money, Find Your Honey, is all about dating.  It can be presented as a talk ranging from 20 to 60 minutes (customizable) and can also be experienced as a 2 or 3 hour workshop which includes a copy of the title book for all attendees.

In addition to public speaking, JJ teaches a variety of rotating webinars on financial management, business building, and real estate investing. You can learn more about them, and sign up for the next one in the Building Wealth Together Meetup Group.

Are you ready to book JJ for your next conference, fundraiser, or community event?  Then contact us today!



Lay a Firm Foundation

Your wealth building journey starts with an honest assessment of your income and expenses. Then, together, we chart out a success plan based on your goals, dreams, and available resources.

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Build and Maintain Wealth

It's not just enough to build wealth! We must maintain it. And protect it against the unknown future. We will work with you to implement time-tested strategies for building and preserving your resources.

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Live Abundantly!

You are now FREE to live ABUNDANTLY!  You can enjoy life to the fullest and make the most amazing difference in the lives of those around you. Come trade in the rat-race for the passionate life you’ve dreamed of!

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